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“Motivational Monday” Radio Show

by Tawanna Heyward-Bey

Monday’s do not have to be a day of discouragement or drag for you and your business. Join us for a boost of motivation, energy, encouragement, inspiration and coaching on all things business.


We will cover everything from your mindset to winning government contracts. This SHOW is about inspiring you to stay in the game of live and business!


Start your week off with a vision and knowledge to help you to keep moving forward and fresh so you finish the game WINNING!




I pray and hope all is well and you are safe. This Motivational Monday episode is to share some words of encouragement during this time.


The corona virus pandemic has caused many to be afraid, unsettled and uncertain about our families, businesses or job and the future. Many are asking themselves: how do I stay steady and grounded during this time. I understand! I too have felt uncertain and some fear but I am determinded to keep my head and my faith because I have learned that it is times like this that can make or break you…I refuse to be broken and today I will share some thoughts in my heart to help you be strong and steady during this time.



Calling ALL VETS!!

This weeks special guest is Army Veteran, Keith Mack; a entrepreneur and podcast host (of Real life decisions with Veterans of Today’s Military. Speaking our mind) whose passion and advocacy for veterans fired me up and I am thrilled to have him share on this week’s show.


As you know, this is a show for ALL entrepreneurs and this week especially to educate, encourage and egnite ALL VETSGet READY to Re-set, Re-align and Re-start with what we all N2K!! 




To KICK things off, I have invited a savvy businesswoman who is an expert and passionate about teaching and helping business owners in the area of BUSINESS CREDIT and more. Her name is DARBI, CEO/Founder of the Business Credit Agency in Atlanta, Georgia. I know our talk will be filled with energy and tons of KNOWLEDGE!! DIAL IN & Ask Questions!




Happy New Year! 2020 is here and we are now looking at the first Monday and first full week of the year! It is also the beginning of the first quarter of the year and many doors of opportunity are opening for women, minorities, LGBT, veterans or anyone looking to run a profitable business.


Are you ready for new beginnings, completing things you started last year? Are you ready for new business, new clients, new lessons? How are you doing mentally, physically, financially and yes even spiritually? I am asking because the clock is already ticking and time is moving fast and I ask you what are you doing about making 2020 the BEST year for you and your business ever??!!!




I’ve been saying for years that there is enough pie for any small business owner who is willing to work hard to achieve part of that business. The other part is preparation and knowledge! To find BIG BUSINESS you must know where to find it and prepare to win this business. This week I am going to continue talking about the importance of preparation and preparing your business for growth going into a New Year.


If you are a small business struggling with growing your business, then you have found a “resource and relationship” in myself, Coach Tawanna, and my online academy Heyward-Bey International Building Your Business Premium Coaching Programs where we work with entrepreneurs and small business owners globally; helping them reach their desired goals to grow a thriving business and live their desired lifestyle. Join me and learn how to get some of this business pie for your business. Happy Holidays!!




If you want to go into the New Year ready for all the new test and challenges, new adventures, people and places you will experience and most of all growing your business; then you must prepare!


Preparation is the key! You must prepare while others are playing, you must study success and imitate what you learn, you must realize that nothing will happen for you or your business unless you maintain a focus that is steady on your own development and growth.


It has been said that success is where preparation and opportunity meet and I believe this to be true. This week episode, I will share some tips on how and what you should be doing right now to prepare for the New Year. Before anything else, preparation is the KEY to your success!



GOING LIVE with tonight's SHOW at Business Credit & Contracts Workshop PART 2

Tonights Show LIVE from The Vault (see address below) with Darbi, founder of the Business Credit Agency.  I’ve been invited back for Part 2 on How to Win Government Contracts & More. You DON’T want to miss this episode.  The year is coming to close and if you are struggling with growing your business or just trying to get started, the KNOWLEDGE I will be sharing is a gamechanger for your dreams of scaling your business.  The government buys everything and they are looking for you, don’t you want to know how this can GROW your business.


Visit the HBI BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS PREMIUM MASTERMIND COACH PROGRAMS website ( to learn more about my advocacy for small business enterprises owners and Getting Certified.  Coach Tawanna is a certification expert and author on this topic who has been awarded and won over $20 million in public, private and government contracts.



In Honor and Appreciation of Veterans

I am thinking about several family members who have served, including my oldest son Michael who served in the US Navy for eight years. I know firsthand how these men and women contribute to American society in many ways during their time of active duty and even when the return home. We honor all these men and women who have worn their uniform who continue to serve our country.


For this week show, I have invited a man who has served our country and now he serves the masses in ministry and business in the marketplace.  It is a surprise; so do not miss this show. I cannot wait for you to hear from him and another special guest to me who is retied military.  Today you will be inspired, encouraged and I can guarantee educated in business as well.



It's the 4th Quarter, It's Time to Learn How to Win Government Contracts

I love this time of year because I understand that this is the time of year to begin strategizing for the New Year!.  It’s the 4th quarter and if you find yourself struggling with discouragement and dispair on Mondays, it is time to learn how compete to win government contracts.  IT IS POSSIBLE and I will begin to share with you how your business has a chance to be awarded lucrative contracts from te federal government that could set your business on the rath path for years to come.  Join me and learn how you can turn discouragement into encouragement because you have some knowledge and knowledge is power! The Time is Now to take this knowledge and start winning.


Monday’s do not have to be a discouragement or drag for you and your business. Join us for a boost of motivation, energy, encouragement, inspiration and coaching on all things business. Start your week off with a vision and knowledge to help you to keep moving forward and fresh so you finish the game WINNING!