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“It’s time to get your slice of the pie”

Tawanna Heyward-Bey

Professional Services

Each consulting service or course is designed to introduce you to the knowledge and resources necessary to fill in the gaps in your expertise.

Valuable Ideas

Learn the magic ingredients to be successful and most of all that we all need a mentor or coach to help us as we grow and move forward!

Budget Friendly

Attending any course from Heyward-Bey International or getting consulting services would be The Smartest Investment You Could Ever Make!


Marketing Strategies

Many entrepreneurs know where they want to focus their sales and marketing efforts but are not entirely sure how to get the best results. Kick start your business marketing and branding with a plan designed specifically for your business.

Our experts will help you address the following question and challenges:

– Why my brand doesn’t stand out in the market?

– We help you define your distinctive brand so you can differentiate yourself from competitors, increase customer loyalty and attract new clients.
– Learn how to market your MBE/WBE/VOSB Certifications for growth

– Strategic Social Media Marketing

– Networking Training

Strategic Business Planning

Develop a sound business strategy. Having a sound business strategy to guide your decisions and actions is critical to your long-term growth. We can help you define the right goals for your company and develop the strategies to achieve them while ensuring that you have the right capabilities and resources in place to make it all happen.

– Learn how to Start your Business

– Strengthen the culture of strategic thinking in your company;

– Update your current strategic plan, or develop a new one;

– Align your management team behind a single vision; and Allocate the resources you need to achieve goals.

Government Contracting Consultant

Federal agencies exceeded the White House’s annual small business contracting goal by awarding a record-breaking $154 billion – but the number of companies in that group continues to decline, according to the Small Business Administration. We are experts at the process of selling goods and services to the federal government and if you are ready we will work with your company to win your first contract.

-Marketing to the Government

-Searching for Government Work

-Helping respond to Bid Opportunities

-Human Resources

-Capability Statement

We work with you to help you win government contracts.

Our custom N2K (Need to Know) Webinar, Masterminds, Coaching & Training Sessions

With our John C. Maxwell Team Coaching and Training sessions, we will train you/your organization in How to Start a Business, Business Building, Communication that Connects, Leadership Gold, Youth Courses and so much MORE.

How to Bid on RFPs/RFBs/RFQs

A request for proposal, or RFP,  is a contract bid, used as a business tool by the government and public/private sector. These bids are used to ensure that their company obtains the most competitively priced goods and services to meet their organization’s needs.

For potential vendors or small business owners, your RFP should provide these entities with a bid that that completely communicates and describes the who, what, when, why, and how your business will meet the expectations you set forth in your RFP.

When vendors respond to RFPs they understand they are competing with other vendors to win the business. A well-written RFP enables you to be very specific in your responses to the bid.

Our firm is an expert at bidding and we have an N2K (Need to Know) Bidding Webinar and coaching package which will prepare and teach you how to bid and win these contracts that will grow your business expeditiously.

HR Management

It’s one thing to run a business, but it’s another thing to keep tabs on all things human resource-related. From hiring to employee policies, there are lots of details to keep track of.  People really are the most important asset in any organization and the role they play both internally and externally it is pivotal to its success.

Establish an effective recruitment and retention process based on a strong organizational structure. Attracting qualified talent is a challenge for many growing businesses, but of equal importance is how those resources integrate within the company and perform once they are hired.

We can help you implement a strong HR management process that will enhance your recruitment and retention practices so you can attract and motivate qualified talent for your growing business.

Speaking Engagements

Book our CEO, Tawanna Heyward-Bey who is a dynamic and passionate speaker with over twenty-five years of business and leadership experience.


As a John C. Maxwell Team Certified Coach, Speaker and Trainer, Tawanna is the “right” choice for keynotes, value workshops, podcast or radio appearances, conferences, industry-specific training, supplier diversity, seminars, non-profits, and masterminds.


She will make you shine and create an easy, effortless experience for any event.


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