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WIN 6-7 figure contracts. Learn how to gain the Federal
Government as your TOP CLIENT
This is a jammed pack webinar to equip and prepare you on how to grow your small business with the federal government as a client. Get Started Now

Learn how to WIN Federal Government Contracts

At Last! A coaching program that will teach you everything you need to know about gaining the federal government as your client.


Did you know that the U.S. government purchases an astonishing volume of products and services each year, and luckily for small-business owners, 23 percent of the $500 billion in yearly contracts are legally required to go to small companies? Yes, it is true, each year the government awards hundreds of billions of dollars in federal contracts to businesses to meet the need of federal agencies and the military. The governments goal is to award at least 23 percent of those contracts to small women, minority, and veteran-owned small businesses.


This door of opportunity can be you! Although, it is not easy or a cake walk, you can learn the rigid process and qualify; then you’ll be eligible to take a piece of the almost $125 billion pie. Now is the time to get your slice of this business pie.


The government buys everything! Yes, from road tires to rats, from bottled water to a huge variety of professional services and much more. To sell your products or services to the federal government, your business must meet their specific requirements. It is true that the contracting process can seem complicated and overwhelming at first, but working with Coach Tawanna (who has won federal contracts) and the BYB (Building Your Business) Team you receive a blue print on the process along with lots of information, tips and strategies to help you learn how to compete and win as a federal contractor. We offer this premium coaching program in our webinar and online module eight, where we cover everything from your business strategy, focus, process, teaming and subcontracting, relationships, marketing and even bidding on request for proposals/bids. There is no other coaching program offered like this. We cover EVERYTHING!

Get started today with our jammed packed 1 ½ hour webinar of content on the process and how to get equipped to begin this journey. This is a client that can and will change the game for your business. Let us help you today. You will be immediately equipped and coached to win so get ready!

Who can gain from this Webinar?

People from all over the United States who own a company and want to increase their revenue by bidding on federal government contracts.

  • Women-owned business
  • Minority-owned business
  • Veteran-owned business
  • LGBT owned business

Whether you’re looking to win your first government contract or grow revenues by earning more, this course will equip you with the "right process" and steps to WIN 6-7 figure contracts.

How to Win Federal Contracts

This is a jammed pack webinar to equip and prepare you on how to grow your small business with the federal government as a client.

Get this jammed pack Webinar only for $45

How to Win Federal Government Contracts? Webinar Included!!

Our CEO, Tawanna Heyward-Bey is a certification expert and offers consulting, training and mentoring on how to leverage your certification by bidding on major contracts nationally once you receive it.
This webinar is jammed packed with everything you need to know to win federal government contracts.

With “Building Your Business” Course, we are with you in each and every step of your business development! We help you:

  • – Define your business goals and plans.
  • – Find solutions in any kind of problem occurred.
  • – Avoid costly mistakes.
  • – Grow your business with a powerful marketing plan


Your All Things Business Expert - If You Are Ready To Win

Tawanna is a serial entrepreneur who started her businesses in 2006 and bootstrapped her business from startup to over $5M in profit and loss with over 1,000 employees Nationwide. Learn How

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