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One-on-One Business Coaching Ready For Your "Million Dollar Call?" Meet with Tawanna Heyward-Bey for a full 90 minutes Success Call to uncover what is next for you and your business. Schedule Your Call A Blueprint For A Result Driven Process

Uncover Today What Is Next For You And Your Business!

This is a 90 minutes Session. If you want to Business Coaching Strategy or  A One-On-One MBE/WBE Certification Strategy Session of 90 Minutes you do not want to miss this opportunity! Learn from experts who been there and done it!


This strategy phone call will cover topics from your Mindset to how to apply for your WBE or MBE Certification, Bid on RFP Contracts, Leadership, Communication, Structuring Your Business, Marketing Strategies, and so much more!!

“Everyone should have a coach”Bill Gates, Microsoft

Who Will Gain From This Strategy Call?

Anyone who is ready to seriously grow their business (inside or outside the United States).

You can be in millennial in college or a baby boomer embarking on launching your first business…It is time to get ready & WIN!

We cover all types of businesses like:

  • Industry
  • Service Providers
  • Graphic Artists
  • E-commerce Businesses
  • Wholesalers

What the Others Won't Tell You About The Way To Your Business Success!

By learning from someone that’s been there, you’re benefitting off of their hard work! Schedule Your Call Today and we will provide you professional coaching to any of the fields below:

  • Get the skills and knowledge for the business venture you are about to launch.
  • Get help  on MBE/WBE certification process
  • Success Call addressing your Business Evaluation & Strategy Session
  • Help on creating a Professional and Detailed Business Plan 
  • Marketing Strategies that suit best to your business type
  • Education on Bidding on Request for Proposals and Bids (RFPs) and (RFBs)
  • Learn the magic ingredients to be successful and most of all that we all need a mentor or coach to help us as we grow and move forward.


Your All Things Business Expert - If You Are Ready To Win

Tawanna is a serial entrepreneur who started her businesses in 2006 and bootstrapped her business from startup to over $5M in profit and loss with over 1,000 employees Nationwide. Learn How

One-on-One Business Coaching

From $297 (Original Price)

    • One-on-One Business Coaching Strategy Session


  • A One-On-One MBE/WBE Certification Strategy Session
  • Personal One-on-One Strategy Call
  • Guaranteed to See Results!

The Smartest Investment You Could Ever Make!



This 90-minute strategy call; is a blueprint for a result driven process, to help you identify and patch up the holes in your current or future business plan.

You may be able to survive in business without the help of a coach, but it’s almost impossible to thrive

We look forward to helping your business grow as far as possible. We help you:


  • – Define your business goals and plans.
  • – Find solutions in any kind of problem occurred.
  • – Avoid costly mistakes.
  • – Grow your business with a powerful business and marketing plan

Learn how and get your Slice of the Pie in Business!!


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